More Sales, Less Labor – Vending Upgrade Kit(VUK)

It is way easier than you imagine to add Apple Pay, Google Pay, Grab Pay, GCash, etc. and digital stock management onto classic vending machines. Yallvend provides a 6-minute solution for VM distributor, agent and owner to boost your sales via mobile payment and to improve management by e-record on the cloud.

For customers at the beach, gym and night club, it's essential to use mobile phone but difficult to hold a wallet. Mobile payment is trendy, fun and convenient.

Sleek & Compact

Dimension (cm) 13.3*7.5*2.2. A pocket-sized metal box covered with baked paint and a 4G stick antenna are easy to fit in any kind of vending machine.

Less is More

A QR code sticker on the vending machine scanned by customer's mobile is way faster for engineering instead of a set of sensor, screen and computer.

Game Changer

Discount, buy-one-get-one-free or limited coupon. Promotional campaigns can be applied on machines since VUK connects mobile payment to the closed vending payment process.

Who We Are

YALLVEND has expertise in protocols of vending machine, coin changer and multiple kinds of unmanned business machine. The R&D members have worked in this highly-professional field for over 10 years and been trusted by the peers for their profound engineering experiences.

We noticed the needs for innovation and hot topic to boost a new peak in retail market and vending machine industry. YALLVEND business developers are glad to provide solutions and services.

What VUK can do

1.Multiple Mobile Payment, 2.Stock Management on The Cloud

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1.Scan QR code by any scanner on mobile

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2.Open website on browser for payment

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3.Choose e-wallet you want to use

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4.Key in e-wallet password or verify via fingerprint

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5.Confirm the merchant and amount

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6.Payment completed; back to machine and press item button

Stock in The Machine Displays on The Cloud

Sales quantity, amount, time, etc., every record is displayed and downloadable.

Money is collected directly to the merchant account of mobile payment. Yallvend stays clear of payment flow from the end customer to the vending machine owner and therefore avoids dispute on collection and payment transaction.

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